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X-Men: Retribution MUSH

Welcome to the world of the X-Men. Set in the near future, X-Men: Retribution explores what it is to be different in a world that fears those who are not the same. A heated political debate rages over the proposed 'Mutant Registration Act'. Many are opposed, many are for it - and both sides have those who will take to violence to try to prove their point in an ever escalating war being fought on many fronts.

From students at Xavier's just learning what their powers can do to a blood-thirsty mutant terrorist who will stop at nothing to remain free to an average Joe on the street, there's a role for everyone on X-Men: Retribution. OOCly, we emphasize community and involvement both from staff and players. OCs and FCs are equally welcome.


The game is currently due to reopen on December 20, 2005 - in just one week! It's never too early to start on your application, though. For more information, join us at:
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