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Pete Wisdom news bit. Contains the lineup for "New Excalibur" and some of the comments Claremont made about it. May contain spoilers.

Claremont named the lineup for the November-debuting New Excalibur: Nocturne, Juggernaut, Dazzler, Sage, Pete Wisdom, and Captain Britain. The writer said that the new series will go back to basics, as the team takes the responsibility of cleaning up a major repercussion that comes as a result of House of M, adding that the title will be for fans who are looking for cosmic comedy, romance, and adventure in their books. Obviously, it's set in England as well.

Asked why he chose to use Pete Wisdom (a character created by Warren Ellis), Claremont said he'd been something of a secret admirer of Ellis work, ("even when I wanted to beat him with a stick" Claremont joked) and felt Wisdom was a wonderful character to use. The writer added that things between Wisdom and a 'certain brunette' will pick up right away. As for another reason to use Wisdom, Claremont jokingly said that other creators had been stealing his characters for years, so it was time to 'steal some back.'

News link: http://www.newsarama.com/wwphilly05/Marvel/XPanel/WWPhilXMen.htm
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