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Im Ellie and i am new to this community. I love Excalibur especially the Alan Davies and Warren Ellis runs.
My favourite Excalibur member ever would have to be Pete Wisdom, although i do really like Brian, Meggan and Kitty. In fact there is no one i would say i dislike from any of the Excalibur rosters which makes a change for me to say!
Outside of Excalibur my all time favourite character is Beast although Iceman is great too.
Got to say i agree with Rman in that Mutants night out was a great issue although i did love the Cross time Caper and most of the earlier Excalibur issues too. favourite Excalibur enemy is Jamie Braddock because he was so unusual and it shows how a basically good guy can get screwed up by his family (as shown in the Captain Britain comics)
Anyway i am interested to find out who your favourite characters/writers/enemies are and what Excalibur story line/issue you would take with you if you were to be stranded on a desert island.
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