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Claremont does it again... -.-

I picked up the lasted issue of Wizard tonight since I was in Borders and someone had removed it from the platic wrap. So I flipped through the pages and what did I see? Why an article about Chris Claremont and a little blurb about the relaunch of Excalibur...

The only known for sure cast of the book is Angel. The book will also be a core title and about Xavier and his dream. Claremont said "It will be Xavier's book." Also, I believe I read that Excalibur will be launched as a direct result from Grant Morrison's last story arc.

Why god why? Why can't Claremont try to at least make Excalibur what it once was? Why does Angel have to be the only known cast? Why?

It makes me wonder if Excalibur will take place in Europe. It also makes me tend to believe that Kitty and Kurt will not be a part of it. How far from the original cast of Excalibur can you get with Angel? Very far!

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